The four seasons are a general guideline for our nature-based philosophy, however our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to learning ensures that our curriculum be quite flexible from year to year. Our goal is to build on the children’s curiosities and interests, and allowing for discovery rather than looking for the “right answers”.
Our approach also incorporates the important use of educators’ documentations.  Through photos and written records of the children’s experiences and commentary, we can revisit ideas and reinforce the child’s self-awareness in their activity.  The documentation also allows for educators and families to have further insight into the children’s development and learning while providing a pathway for subsequent exploration.

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Puddle Jumpers

Infant/Toddler Program Ages 0-3

In our aesthetic and nurturing environment, the children are invited to explore and discover through unique learning materials and mediums; encouraging development through sensory experience, motor-defining activities and social exposure. Our programming is based around the children’s needs and interests; including outdoor play, naps, and cirlce time. Each morning a range of activities are set out to engage the children.


Puddle Splashers

Daycare Program Ages 2.5-5

In an aesthetic and welcoming environment the children are encouraged to learn and discover through natural play. While building friendships with their peers and discovering self-identity, children will have the opportunity to discover new interests and creativity through play based learning. Discussions and critical thinking will be encouraged during circle time and curriculum, planned and based on the children’s interests. Education involving nature and preserving our planet will be incorporated in the program through daily walks in the community and hands on recycling, gardening and composting.


Puddle Explorers

Preschool Program Ages 3-5

Brimming with engaging activities and provocations, our learning space embraces exploration, curiosities and discovery.  The children are nurtured as capable learners, expressing their self-identity through their creative processes and projects.  Keeping the importance of play-based learning in mind, our educators encourage discussion and critical thinking through the children’s activities. The children also partake in our environmental education programming by way of hands-on recycling, gardening and composting.


Puddle Stompers

Summer Daycamp Program Ages 4-6

Out and About is our motto for this program.  While following the centre’s philosophy and vision, the children explore what the community has to offer on a daily basis.  Trips such as the River Valley, Museum, Potato House, Scout Island, Station House Gallery are just some of our adventures.