About Us

Fully Licensed

Our programs are fully licensed by Interior Health under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Child Care Licensing Regulations.

Environmental Education

Modeling and encouraging recycling, gardening and composting.

Emergent Curriculum

Allowing for independent and fully-involved learning, our educators build their curriculum around the interests of the child.


Following the Reggio Emilia Approach to teaching, our educators foster the children as intellectual learners and being themselves the teachers and researchers.  We recognize the children as capable individuals and they are encouraged to express their many “languages”  through their own creations and experiences.

Literacy Promotion

Every three weeks, our Puddle Explorers visit the public library to return and borrow their own books.  Each child also borrows a book of their choice for the Puddle Jumper program.


Our educators understand the importance of being positive community members and recognizing others in the community.  We often have guests visit and take walks throughout the neighbourhoods to build on the children’s self-awareness of their place as young community members.

Fully Qualified and Experienced Educators